What We Do

Personalized Attention to Your Catastrophic Injury or Loss

We focus our attention on a small number of cases so that we can provide the specialized and personal attention your case requires. This means that I will personally review your case without charge. We care about you. Let us meet with you and talk about how we can help you deal with your loss or injury. We have many years of experience with injuries or death caused by car accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, defective drugs, wrongful death, and other types of personal injury. Injuries and death occur in many ways and due to many causes including:

Medical Injuries – These include injuries occurring before, during, or after any medical care, surgery, diagnostic tests, physical therapy, in-patient care, out-patient care or surgery, mental health care, or other care related to your health. Such injuries or death could be related to any of the following:
Anesthesia Errors
Birth Injuries
Dangerous Drugs
Defective Medical Devices
Hospital/Physician Negligence
Medical Malpractice
Misdiagnosis/Failure to Diagnose
Prescription Errors
Surgical Errors

Vehicular Accidents – Serious injury or death can occur in any accident involving a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or any powered vehicle such as scooters, or any transportation service such as buses, Uber, Lyft, or simply riding in someone else’s vehicle. Such accidents can involve commercial, company, or government vehicles, and be caused by distracted driving, drunk driving or other impaired driving, or simple negligence. Regardless, because of the nature of speed and impact, such accidents often cause serious injuries or death. You should pay special attention to any accidents that involve brain injury, concussion, spinal cord impairment, or paralysis. These tend to be permanent, debilitating injuries that you will deal with for the rest of your life and will inevitably require substantial money to treat, care for, and manage. Pedestrian accidents often lead to the most serious injuries and should be examined closely.

Construction or Workplace Accidents – Not all ‘workplace’ accidents are limited to workers’ compensation dollar limits. Many such accidents are caused by persons, companies, or conditions not controlled by your employer. In such cases, your recovery is not limited to the often-incomplete recovery offered by workers’ compensation benefits. Such accidents include burns/electrical accidents, slip/fall accidents, defective products, and other accidents occurring on property not owned by you.

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